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Hand Hygiene Day

World Health Organization (WHO) promotes hand hygiene by celebrating World Hand Hygiene Day on 5th May, worldwide every year. Effective hand hygiene is at the very core of infection prevention and healthy life. It is one of the easiest and most affordable approach to fight antibiotic resistance and to keep a person out of hospital.

Due to poor hygiene conditions, understaffing, limited access to diagnostic facilities and poor medical record keeping in our country, we incur massive challenges in infection control. This is creating hand hygiene as one of the prevailing concern of our nation, especially in hospitals as HCAI (Healthcare Associated Infections) affects 5-15% hospitalized patients every year.

So to create awareness on the importance of hand hygiene and to demonstrate how everyone can combat infections on a daily basis by themselves, “Hand Hygiene Day” was celebrated by MASH on 4th May, 2019. The event comprised of series of educational presentations followed by recreational activities for children, which was attended by hospital doctors, nurses, staff members and the students of PFL school.   

Detailed discussions on hand hygiene were followed by video illustrations which portrayed how the infections transfer through unclean hands and the appropriate hand washing technique to adopt. To enhance the learning of the participants, personal demonstrations were executed by MASH’s staff along with hand drills. Hand washing booths were set up to execute the physical activity of hand washing through which children were able to implement what they learned.

To keep children engrossed, activities such as performance on “Baby Shark” poem and art competition were conducted. A great number of students participated in the art competition with the theme of “Hand Hygiene.” An award distribution ceremony was conducted to celebrate the winners of the competition. Certificates and awards were distributed by our chief guests to celebrate the victory of the participants.

As infection control is at the forefront of MASH’s operations, it aims to educate the population of our region on the benefits of hand hygiene and the proper way to execute it, through campaigns and recreational activities. 

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