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Cochlear Implant Surgeries - Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital conducted successful Cochlear Implant Surgeries of eight children who were unable to hear or speak since birth.
The parents of the kids were overjoyed by the success of the surgeries and expressed their heartfelt gratitude towards Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital and Bait-ul-Maal for enabling their kids to lead a quality life by supporting all the expenses required for the procedure.
Under the expertise of Dr. Maqbool Ahmad (ENT Surgeon) 14 cochlear implant surgeries have been conducted till today and he is confident that with proper rehabilitation and support these children will be able to hear and speak. Mr. Irfan Khan (CEO) is hopeful that Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital will be able to bring a change in the lives of many such kids in the upcoming days, who are unable to undergo the required treatment.

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