Radiology | Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital


Radiology | Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital’s Radiology department is equipped with the latest and state of the art equipment, that aims to provide all major services under one roof. Highly qualified and competent team has been hired to make patient’s experience as comfortable as possible, along with HIMS integration that increases the efficiency of the hospital procedures.

Our Radiology department provides variety of imaging techniques such as X rays, Ultrasound, Computed tomography (CT) and Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) which will be helpful in diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of disease. Interventional radiology and mammography will be added in next phase. Vascular and Interventional radiology will provide minimally invasive image guided diagnosis and treatment of diseases, which can also be a lifesaving procedure in emergency cases.


  • Japan Made Toshiba
  • 160 Slices real time imaging capable of cardiovascular imaging
  • Maximum scan field of view 50 cm in adults and 18 cm in children. Scannable length in single acquisition 180 cm for axial and 175 cm for helical. Maximum scan time 100 seconds. Maximum patient load 205 kg.
  • Extended field of view 70 cm for bariatric patients and trauma cases for easy operate-ability.
  • Real time dedicated dose reduction software and with ECG modulation. Able to calculate patient dose in mSv
  • Cardiac calcium scoring, CT coronary angiography, Advanced complete cardiac package with functional analysis, whole body angiography.
  • Lung nodule detection and analysis.
  • Dual energy scanning system e.g. analysis of renal calculi.
  • CT fluoroscopy.
  • Japan Made Toshiba
  • 1.5 Tesla, short bore. Diameter 63 cm
  • 5- 55 cm field of view.
  • Contrast free MR angiography. Whole body angio scanning, Perfusion imaging
  • Dynamic Imaging (BRAIN, LIVER, BREAST)
  • Special neuropackage ( DIFFUSION TENSOR iMAGING, Fiber tracking , Perfusion imaging)
  • Advanced clinical packages e.g. CARDIAC/ Vascular, Breast and ortho packages.
  • BODY / ABDOMEN:- MRCP, Dynamic liver imaging and diffusion imaging.
  • Special Breast speeder coil and bilateral TMJ imaging kit.

1. Fixed system (1 no), 80 kW static X ray system

  • RADREX MRAD-A80SS/G5 with two flat panel detector


  • TOSHIBA Inverter type mobile X ray unit Model IME-100L
  • Multiple probes (conex, linear, pediatric and TVS/endorectal)
  • Special softwares: Tissue Harmonic Imaging, panoramic view imaging with measurements.
  • Grey scale, Power and color doppler Imaging.
  • Elastography Package for live shear wave elastography for body organs especially Liver, breast and small parts.

Common Investigations


  1. USG Abdomen
  2. USG Pelvis
  3. USG KUB
  4. USG Thyroid Gland
  5. Detailed Anomaly Scan
  6. Obstetrical Scan
  7. Fibro-scan liver
  8. Doppler Studies

CT Scan

Plain Study

  1. CT Scan Brain
  2. HRCT Chest Plain
  3. CT Scan of Abdomen Plain
  4. C.T Scan KUB
  5. C.T Scan of Paranasal Sinuses
  6. C.T Scan of Head and Neck

Contrast study

  1. CT Scan Brain with Contrast
  2. CT Scan Chest with Contrast
  3. C.T Scan of Abdomen Pelvis with Contrast
  4. C.T Scan of Head and Neck with Contrast

MRI Scan

Plain Study
Within 30 min

  1. MRI Brain
  2. MRI Spine ( Lumbar/Thoracic/Cervical)

Within 45 min

  1. MRI Head and Neck
  2. MRI Pelvis
  3. MRI of Abdomen & Pelvis
  4. MRI Hip Joint
  5. MRI Knee Joint


  1. MRI Brain with Contrast
  2. MRI Pelvis with contrast
  3. MRI Abdomen & Pelvis with Contrast
  4. MRI head & Neck with Contrast


  1. Plain Radiography of Chest
  2. Plain Radiography of Abdomen
  3. Plain Radiography of Pelvis
  4. Plain Radiography of KUB
  5. Plain Radiography of PNS
  6. Plain Radiography of Joints(Hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, hand, foot)
  7. Plain Radiography of Spine

Future Plan

  • Interventional Radiology set up
  • Mammography
  • Digital floroscopy