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Spring Clinic


Mental health, as critical as it is, unfortunately, remains one of the most neglected fields of medicine in Pakistan, both regarding infrastructure and awareness among the general public. Countless people, including children, suffering from various sorts of mental disorders remain unidentified and undiagnosed – conditions easily treatable and manageable are left to fester and become lifelong issues. Even within Pakistan, there are several levels of neglect towards mental health – Southern Punjab is one area where people have little to no access to mental wellness centres. The Spring Clinic aims to bring some much needed mental health management and awareness to this region and beyond. Supported by cutting edge treatments and researches, and a renowned, highly qualified staff of psychiatrists and psychologists, this Trust Clinic provides essential treatment and therapy to people affected by a variety of psychiatric illnesses.

Not only are the state-of-the-art facilities completely free for the underprivileged, but they are also helping train and prepare the next generation of psychiatrists – these thought leaders will pave the way for real policy making at a national level while helping erase the associated stigma among the masses.

Psychiatric Services

International standard diagnostic, medicinal and therapeutic services, powered by the latest advancements and researches in the field of psychiatry and psychology; training centers for future psychiatrists; children guidance clinics and parental training centers.

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