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A Great Place to Work. A Great Place to Receive Care.

Mukhtar A Sheikh hospital will be a state of the art medical facility aimed at delivering the best healthcare services, meeting the international healthcare standards. Mukhtar A Sheikh Hospital will provide an amicable environment for its staff.

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People Come First. We Provide Best Quality Care.

Mukhtar A Sheikh Hospital's top priority will be your comfort over its own expenses, so it will always be you whom MAS Team is concerned about. Our healthcare facilities will be matchless, and designed exclusively for your comfort.

Spring Clinic

Mental health, critical as it is, unfortunately remains one of the most neglected fields of medicine in Pakistan, both in terms of infrastructure and awareness among the general public. Countless people, including children, suffering from various sorts of mental disorders remain unidentified and undiagnosed – conditions easily treatable and manageable are left to fester and become lifelong issues.

  • Aims to bring mental health management & awareness to southern punjab.

    Under the umbrella of Fatima Group, Mukhtar A. Sheikh Trust, the Spring Hospital aims to bring some much needed mental health management and awareness to Southern Punjab and consequently, to the rest of Pakistan, with the aim of strengthening the support system for the poor and needy – psychiatric support is one of key focus areas.

  • highly qualified psychiatrists & psychologists

    Supported by cutting edge treatments and researches, and a renowned, highly qualified staff of psychiatrists and psychologists, the Spring Hospital provides essential treatment and therapy to people affected by a variety of psychiatric illnesses, under the umbrella of the Mukhtar A. Sheikh Trust’s social welfare activities.

  • free facilities for the underpriviliged

    The state-of-the-art facilities at the Spring Hospital are completely free for the underprivileged and are also helping train and prepare the next generation of psychiatrists – these thought leaders will pave the way for real policy making at a national level while helping erase the associated stigma among the masses.

  • out patient management and in patient facilities

    The Spring Hospital provides screening and counselling for common mental and personality disorders, individualized out-patient management to help patients overcome their disabilities, a referral system for in-patients to other facilities and a specialized childcare service to manage ADHD, mood disorders, autism or any related disability.

Future Plans

At Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital we have a friendly professional medical & nursing team with a commitment to high quality care. In a quest to make our efforts worthwhile, we have established world class facilities.

State of the art teaching facility

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital aims at setting up a high-quality Teaching Facility, equipped with all the necessary labs, instruments, courses, and faculty.

Research Facility

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital will also set up a Research Facility as a part of its Research and Development project. This will help our country fight myriad of medical problems.

School of Nursing

Mukhtar A. Sheikh has also planned to develop a School of Nursing to facilitate its nursing staff and nursing students and enlighten them with latest medical trends and happenings.

Postgraduate Fellowship Program

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital, taking advanced education to the next level, has also planned a Postgraduate Fellowship Program.

School of paramedics

Mukhtar A. Sheikh's plan to set up a School of Paramedics is a part of its dream to educate those who want to join the field of paramedical sciences.

Additional Facilities

Centralized air conditioning, Consultant apartments, Nursing hostel equipped with nurse call system, fire alarm, and public address system.

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