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The Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing (FM-CON) is a state-of-the-art institution where multidisciplinary team will join hands to establish a student-centered, integrated and innovative (academic, clinical practice and service) approach to educate nursing professionals. Equipped with high-tech skills laboratories and learning resource center, the Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing focuses on developing nursing professionals who can provide competent and compassionate care at primary, secondary and tertiary care levels in the national and international context.

The College of Nursing is affiliated with the Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) and the University of Health Sciences (UHS). Alongside its four-year bachelor degree, a one-year internship is mandatory at the hospital. After this five-year program, students become eligible to apply for the PNC licensure examination and receive the license as a Registered Nurse.

The program provides students with the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to practice nursing. The program intends to produce clinically competent professional nurses, who will utilize critical thinking in providing holistic nursing care. They will also be vital in playing a role as change agents in nursing practice and education in any health care setting. The undergraduate program will not only help the graduates to become proficient professionals but also make them utilize independent nurse-led approaches to serve the population.

Approved from PNC (Pakistan Nursing Council)

The Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing is proud to announce its authorization with Pakistan Nursing Council.  Under PNC decision, The Farrukh Mukhtar College of nursing is authorized to organize the classes for 04 years generic BSN and 02 years post RN BSN degrees. We are excited to begin the new chapter at our facility. The PNC is an autonomous, regulatory body constituted under the Pakistan Nursing Council Act (1952, 1973) and empowered to register (license) Nurses, Midwives, Lady Health Visitors (LHVs), and Nursing Auxiliaries to practice in Pakistan. PNC was established in 1948.

We are now progressing towards approval from the University of Health Sciences – Lahore, Punjab. After this important approval, we will induct our classes.


To be globally recognized for delivering a curriculum in Nursing Education that is evidence – based, learner – centered, innovative and enduring.


Following are some of the core values of the nursing profession that we think are fundamental to instil among the students and faculty members:

    • • Professionalism
    • • Ethics
    • • Compassion
    • • Respect
    • • Integrity
    • • Competence
    • • Quality
    • • Inclusion
    • • Lifelong learning


To prepare quality nursing professionals by creating a hub for nursing education, clinical practice and research to inculcate the art and science of caring
and transforming healthcare system in South Punjab and beyond


Begum Farrukh Mukhtar

Chief Trustee,
Mukhtar A Sheikh Trust

Our mission at the Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing is to be an organization that is committed to promoting educational excellence, character development, delivering high-quality services to patients and to continue to develop ways of working to ensure that not only are our students getting quality education in a supportive and calm
environment but also the patients are receiving the right care in the right place at the
right time.

One of the most important goals of this organization is to help empower the women of South Punjab by providing them with quality education and facilities to polish their skills and to earn a respectable living independently. Mukhtar A. Sheikh Trust has always tried its best to provide women with opportunities to equally compete with men. I believe in providing a safe and nurturing environment where women can acquire, demonstrate and articulate their values knowledge and skills that will support
them to become successful and lead towards the success of society and country.

Moreover, Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing aims to abolish the idea that nursing is a female-only profession. We provide equal opportunities to all genders. As part of our staff at the Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital, male nurses have contributed as much as female nurses, if not more. In our quest to produce highly skilled and qualified nursing staff, we are determined to provide the best facilities and infrastructure for all
our students.

We hope to see you join us on this journey!

Mian Faisal Mukhtar

Chairman of Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital &
Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing

It is an honor for me to introduce the latest project of the Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital, the Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing. This institution was made to fulfill and support my late father’s vision, which was to be globally respected for delivering quality, cost-conscious, and ethical care in South Punjab and empowering individuals to achieve their full potential by making quality healthcare and education available.

While people praise doctors in every health facility, the nursing staff goes unnoticed. Although doctors play a very important role in our healthcare ecosystem, the role of the nursing staff is no less valuable. To think of them as the backbone of the facility would not be wrong. As we recently saw, there was a huge burden on the overall healthcare infrastructure due to the outbreak of the pandemic. If it were not for the bravery, selflessness and skills of the doctors and the nursing staff, combating the
pandemic would not have been possible.

The recent events of the coronavirus pandemic have taught us that we always need to be ready for such situations. Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing will aid in fulfilling the ever-increasing demand for healthcare workers. Hence, to provide opportunity to healthcare workers to achieve their dreams and goals and learn the skills required to do their job properly, Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing offers the most qualified instructors and up-to-date facilities.

As the Chairman of Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing, I would like to welcome you
all on board!

Dr. Zafar Nazir

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital

I would like to welcome all of you on behalf of the leadership of Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing.

My vision for the Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing is that our students think of their educational experience as opening a whole new world to them. We want their time at our college to be filled with far more than studies and examinations. We see it as a time of exploring, questioning, meeting brilliant minds in the field of nursing and beyond within Pakistan and across the globe.

The Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing will bring this level of quality to the experience that students gain – an experience steeped in tradition – yet modern and far-reaching and will prepare qualified and competent nurses. Our focus is purely on quality and ethics and we will have the most qualified faculty to graduate the best students.

I hope that we will furnish our students' hearts and minds with new archetypes of the possible in education social concerns and community that they can take out into the world with them. We want their education to be transformational.

Lubna Ghazal

Associate Professor & Dean,
College of Nursing

As a founding Dean, it gives immense pleasure to share with you that the newly established College of Nursing is ready to serve its learners in the field of nursing. The College is located at the flagship Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital in Southern Punjab. You will observe Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing with its momentum of serving its learners with high standards of curriculum, excellence in teaching-learning methodology, innovations and nurturing environment.

Our faculty members are qualified and competent to execute the high-quality Bachelor's of Nursing (BSN) curriculum to produce competent nurses, future leaders and lifelong learners.

If you are a student looking for an innovative, caring and world-class environment,
we invite you to explore our BSN program. The teaching-learning resources at the College are of high standards and fulfill students' and teachers’ requirements for
teaching and learning.

Please join us on this incredible journey to shape and facilitate our mission for healthcare education, practice and research at Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing in Southern Punjab and beyond.