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Our Services

As one of the largest hospital in Pakistan, Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital offers a complete range of health
care services including clinical, diagnostic, out-patient, and others.

Skin Care

We aspire to become the center for comprehensive dermatological services in the country through our team of experts and futuristic approach to skin diseases. Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital’s Skin Service Line..


We at Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital offers treatment and surgery for patients of all ages suffering from diseases and disorders of the ears, nose, and throat.We have established state of an art ENT Clinic..

Family Health

Family medicine is a ­field of primary care medicine where family physicians are skilled in treating people of all ages from young babies and children to adults and the elderly.

General Surgery

With the best surgical expertise by our side, Mukhtar A. Sheikh focuses on creating a comfortable and positive experience for our patients. General surgery is a discipline that requires knowledge..

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine department at Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital is the backbone of all hospital’s operations, where specialists apply their clinical expertise across the broad spectrum of diagnostic and treatment areas.


At Neurology department, we offer vast array of clinical services. We contribute to needs of patients with Stroke, Headache, Epilepsy, Nerve & Muscle disorders, Dementia, Multiple sclerosis, Motor Neuron Disease,


Nephrology Service Line provides comprehensive and multidisciplinary care to patients with acute and chronic kidney diseases. The department has a special focus on the prevention of early..


Our goal at Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital is to put the health of every child ­rst while making their stay as comfortable as possible. To achieve this, MASH’s pediatrics department has been fully incorporated..


Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital understands the importance of physical therapy as it can help patients to improve strength, flexibility and functional movements such as mobility.


The neurosurgery department of Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital strives to provide a range of surgical services through the availability of the latest and innovative equipment, that are not available anywhere in Southern Punjab:


Our institute of psychiatry is catering to patients of all age groups by providing evidence-based and patient-centric care, to promote the mental wellbeing and rehabilitation of patients suffering from mental disorders.


We employ a progressive and comprehensive approach towards orthopedic care, as we combine compassion with innovation. Our Trauma & Orthopedic department has been equipped and developed in line with international standards.


Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital offers a comprehensive Urological Care Dept. We cater to the following urological conditions: Kidney Stones with Laser , Ureteric Stones with Laser

Women’s Health

At Mukhtar A. Sheikh we understand the need for sound gynecological services. We aim to serve the region by ensuring that no woman loses her life due to the lack of services to support women’s healthcare needs.


The Anesthesia department at Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital is committed to provide highest level of perioperative care to the patients. The operating rooms at our hospital are equipped with the latest facilities..


Gastroenterology focuses on the health of the digestive system or the gastrointestinal tract. The department at MASH houses a state-of-the-art Hepatitis Clinic that provides evidence based and compassionate care for its patients.