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Farrukh Mukhtar College Of Nursing

Begum Farrukh Mukhtar

Chief Trustee,
Mukhtar A. Sheikh Trust

The Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing’s mission is to be an institution dedicated to fostering educational excellence, character development, and providing high-quality patient care through our graduates. The institution aims to provide quality education to our students in a safe and supportive environment. Women have always been given the opportunity to participate on an equal footing with men by Mukhtar A. Sheikh Trust. Providing the women of South Punjab access to high-quality education and resources to enhance their talents and support them in finding independent work is one of this organization’s top priorities for empowering them.

I believe in establishing a safe and supportive atmosphere where women can learn, exhibit, and articulate the values, knowledge, and skills that will help them succeed and contribute to the success of society and the nation. Additionally, Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing seeks to dispel the myth that nursing is only a female profession. All genders are given equal opportunity. Male nurses have given just as much, if not more, than female nurses to our team at the Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital. We are committed to offering the greatest facilities and infrastructure to all of our students in our effort to generate highly competent and qualified nursing professionals. We hope that you will accompany us on this trip.

Mian Faisal Mukhtar

Chairman of Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital &
Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing

Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing was made to fulfill and support my late father’s vision. The vision was to be globally respected for delivering quality, cost-conscious, and ethical care in the South Punjab region and empowering individuals to achieve their full potential by making quality healthcare and education available. While people praise doctors in every health facility, the nursing staff goes unnoticed. Although doctors play a very important role in our healthcare ecosystem, the role of the nursing staff is no less valuable. It would not be wrong to think of them as the backbone of the facility.

Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing will aid in fulfilling the ever-increasing demand for healthcare workers. Hence, to provide the opportunity for healthcare workers to achieve their dreams and goals and learn the skills required to do their job properly, Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing offers the most qualified instructors and up-to-date facilities. As the Chairman of Farrukh Mukhtar College of nursing, I would like to welcome you all on board.

Ms. Salma Bibbi

Director of Nursing Services & Education

As Director of Nursing Services and Education at The Farrukh Mukhtar College of Nursing I am honored to welcome you to the prestigious nursing institute of South Punjab region. In a developing country like Pakistan, the role of nurses is crucial in overcoming healthcare challenges and disparities. The college aims to nurture compassionate and skilled nursing professionals who will provide excellent care to patients. Quality education and training are our social responsibility, equipping students with the latest knowledge and technologies. We acknowledge the global challenges in healthcare and foster an environment of innovation and resilience.

We encourage collaboration, learning, and creating a collective impact. As the Nursing Director, I am here to support and guide you in your journey towards becoming compassionate caregivers and leaders. Together, we will make a lasting impact on the lives of our patients and create a brighter future for all. Best of luck in your endeavours!