Dr. Ziauddin Khan | Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital


Dr. Ziauddin Khan


Deputy Director Medical Services
Head of Urology


Medical Services/Urology


I graduated from Dow Medical College, in 1986. I did my initial Training in The Aga Khan University Hospital till 1992. In 1995, I moved to UK till 2019. I served as Consultant in NHS. During this time, I worked in Saudi Arabia National Guard and also in King Hamad University Hospital Bahrain. I was Senior Clinical Lecturer in Royal College of Surgeons Ireland. I was also MRCS examiner. I was Clinical and Educational Supervisor in NHS, UK. I was appraiser for NHS doctors.

1 Education
2 Clinical Interest
3 Area of Expertise
1 Education
1 Post Graduate Diploma in Health Profession Education Nov. 2016 RCSI Ireland
2 M.Sc. Health Care Management 17 Nov 2011 Royal College of Surgeons Ireland
3 Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) UK 21 May 2008 (Urology)
4 Diploma in Laparoscopy Surgery 7 Dec 2007 University of Strasbourg, France
5 FRCS (Urology) 17 Nov 2006 Intercollegiate Specialty Board, United Kingdom
6 Diploma in Urology 1 Aug 2005 Institute of Urology London
7 FRCS 7 Mar 1994 Royal College of Physician & Surgeons United Kingdom
8 FCPS (Surgery) 20 May 1993 College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan
9 MBBS (in 1st Division) 24 Mar 1986 Dow Medical College Karachi
2 Clinical Interest
  1. Kidney stone disease
  2. Erectile Dysfunction
  3. Premature Ejaculation
  4. Prostate diseases
  5. Prostate Cancer
  6. Bladder cancer
  7. Kidney cancer
  8. Female Urine problems
  9. Incontinence of Urine
  10. Male Infertility
  11. Nocturnal Enuresis
  12. Urine infections
  13. Pregnancy & Kidney stone disease
  14. Prostate  Treatment without operation (Urolift Procedure , Insertion of Prostatic stent)
3 Area of Expertise
  1. Kidney Stone Disease
  2. Prostate Diseases including Cancer
  3. Bladder Cancer
  4. Male Erectile Dysfunction
  5. Premature Ejaculation Treatment
  6. Male Infertility
  7. Incontinence of Urine
  8. All Type of Urinary Symptoms including Nocturnal Enuresis