Dr. Maqbool Ahmad | Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital


Dr. Maqbool Ahmad


Consultant ENT-Head & Neck Surgery


ENT-Head & Neck Surgery

Education & Training

1 Areas of Expertise
2 Clinical Interest
1 Areas of Expertise
  1. Endoscopic nose & sinuses surgeries.
  2. Ear surgeries.
  3. Head & Neck Tumor surgeries
2 Clinical Interest

After completing residency training program from Aga Khan Hospital, Karachi, Dr. Maqbool joined King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center, Riyadh and worked there for 3 years. He attended wide range of courses in USA, Canada and Saudi Arabia.

His special interest is in Endoscopic Sinus & Anterior Skull Base Surgery. He has a vast experience in functional endoscopic surgery (FESS) for nasal polyps, frontal and sphenoid sinuses diseases and CSF leakage repair.

Dr. Maqbool is fully competent to perform all kinds of ear surgeries for different diseases like Ear Tube Insertion (decreased hearing specially in children), Tympanoplasty (to repair the ear drum), Ear Exploration (for chronic ear discharge) & Stapedotomy (for decreased hearing).

He is also fully trained & has vast experience in dealing with all kind of oral, facial & neck tumors such as neck dissection for different tumors, Thyroidectomies, Laryngectomies, Parotid Gland Surgery and Head & Neck Reconstruction with local & regional flaps.

His Future vision is to start cochlear implant for mute and deaf babies & to establish advance voice clinic to deal with all kinds of voice problems.