Dr. Tehreem Rasheed | Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital


Dr. Tehreem Rasheed


Associate Consultant Gynecology


Obstetrics & Gynecology


FCPS (Obstetrics & gynecology)
MRCOG (UK) (Obstetrics & gynecology)
MBBS (Nishtar Medical College Multan)
1 Areas of Expertise
2 Clinical Interest
3 Published Articles
4 Workshops
5 Honors & Awards
6 Training
7 Institutions Worked in
1 Areas of Expertise
  1. High risk pregnancy management
  2. Prenatal , Antenatal & Postnatal Care
  3. Ultrasound Study in Obstetrics & Gynecology
  4. Operative Vaginal Delivery
  5. Operative Abdominal Delivery including multiple complicated previous C-sections
  6. Surgical Management of Gynecological Pathology
  7. Radio-thermal Ablation for bleeding problem
  8. Management of Stress Incontinence
  9. Management of Miscarriage & Recurrent pregnancy losses
  10. Treatment of female hormonal problems
  11. Ovarian insufficiency & abnormal vaginal bleeding
  12. Polycystic ovarian disease management
  13. Salpingectomy for tubal pregnancy, myomectomy, cystectomy  & polypectomy
2 Clinical Interest
  1. Fetal Medicine
  2. Antenatal & Postnatal Mental Health
  3. Assisted Reproductive Technology
  4. Minimal Invasive Gynecological Surgery
  5. Urogynaecology
  6. Gynecological Oncology
3 Published Articles
  1. Role Of Cervical Cerclage in High Risk Patients of Pretrem Labour” (2016) Nishtar Journal of Medical & Health Sciences Vol:2 pp33-37 (Journal)
  2. Ongoing Research project : Peri natal Outcome in Patients With Hyperurecemia & Preeclampsia
  3. Role of vitamin D in the treatment of dysmenorrhea & menorrhagia
  4. Role of L -arginine in the prevention of preeclampsia
4 Workshops
  1. Primary Surgical Skills Workshop                                     
  2. IT(Introduction to Internet & computer) Examination       
  3. Communication Skills Workshop
  4. Research Methodology, Biostatistics Writing Workshop
  5. Hands On Workshop on Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy
  6. Hands on Workshop on various methods of contraception
5 Honors & Awards
  1. Gold Medalist throughout career
  2. Gold Medal in Matriculation
  3. BISE Multan Scholarship in FSC
  4. Distinction in Pharmacology
  5. Distinction in Behaviour Sciences
  6. Higher National Talent Scholaship throughout M.B.B.S
  7. Higher National Talent Scholaship throughout FSC
  8. Higher National Talent Scholaship throughout Matriculation
6 Training


MINAR (Multan Institute of Nuclear &Atomic Radiation)


House Job:

Worked at Nishtar Hospital Multan  in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics  &Gynaecology, and  Radiology.


FCPS  Obstetrics & Gynaecology :

Training at  Nishtar Hospital Multan Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department

7 Institutions Worked in


(Multan Institute of Nuclear &Atomic Radiation)


Nishtar Medical University Hospital Multan

(Obstetrics &Gynecology Department)