Anesthesia | Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital


Anesthesia | Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital

     Expert Anesthesia Services at Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital

The Anesthesia department at Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital is committed to provide highest level of perioperative care to the patients. The operating rooms at our hospital are equipped with the latest facilities, including modular anesthesia system and anesthesia work stations.

In addition to providing anesthesia services, this department also runs the surgical ICU to care for the critical surgical patients and provides resuscitation cover to ER and other clinical areas.

We are providing anesthesia services in pre, peri and post operative areas for general surgical, gynecological & obstetrics, neurosurgery, ENT and urological patients. Anesthesia services in orthopedics, pediatrics, thoracic, plastic and reconstructive surgery, maxillofacial & dental surgeries, and cardiac are also being established.